Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 2 – Still Life Photography Ideas At Home!


Taking’still-life’ or even’tabletop’ photographs inside the comfort of your own house and purchasing them on line throughout the Microstock Libraries cannot be a bad method of creating money could it? By’still life’ or’table-top’ images I’m not speaking about bites of fruit or dying flowers. I mean images that illustrate a spot or tell a narrative, taken in your home when the weather is simply too awful to go out.

You don’t need to create a photographic life master-piece to reach product sales in Microstock Photography. Some very simple graphics of things isolated on the white backdrop are popular and so are downloaded on a regular foundation Still Life Photographer. You may shoot the images outdoors on a part of white card and also using a do-it-yourself still life reflector to soften the shadows. The dwelling made still life reflector can be a sheet of A4 card. You’re able to even use aluminum foil in the event that you means a

expression of light.

For only a few pounds you can purchase a very simple table studio or soft box Cube that you may use outdoors in sun light if that you don’t have some lighting. I began by using two basic electronic flashes and making notes of those camera options. Then I employed the same setting each moment and I almost always captured the exposure spot on.

Possibly the most difficult issue is always to come up with the notions. Just take a good look at the world news and also the events that are taking place now! Decide to try and predict that the ultimate outcome and illustrate it in a still-life picture. Accomplish this and you also might be on to a winner.

Merely a couple of months ago we were seeing images of this petrol pump and also the buck sign. The nozzle dripping dry signifies the lack of petrol or gas because our pals around the drinking water telephone it. But that is all changed while the costs have shrunk. So anyone who had the capability to shoot pictures to illustrate this will be attempting to sell their own photographs for example mad.

For your Micro Stock Photographic Market I think that it is wise to continue to keep matters uncomplicated. If you surf throughout the libraries that you will see that some of the best sellers would be the simplest images. For example isolated objects sell well. You have to utilize a clean white background. Without exception I utilised to get white newspaper however, you will find that it quickly becoming dirty and marked hence that I use a bit of laminate or Formica. The Benefit of This will be if You’re shooting liquids any spillage can easy be consumed

In the event that you would really like to generate some excess cash by means of your digital camera or employment from your home in your free time, get imaginative and take some still life pictures you can sell through micro-stock Photography niches!

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